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The Beating Heart of Greek Palace

“Here for the Food!” Billy from Athens + Andreas The Kreas & Steve from the Alice join the Travel Team 2018. Flame Master Billy from Athens boarded a plane destined for Fringe after a few adventures around the globe travelling with the Greek Palace Crew.

Veteran to the Travel Team, Billy was grillin with Greek Palace from the very first Tomorrowland journey back in 2013 & the year before he joined the crew to smash out the Summer ‘12 Dutch Season with Roots Rock Reggae Festival in Amsterdam. When Fringe rolled around to Oz for Summer 2018 it was time for Billy to make his first trip across the World! We welcomed Billy to Aussie shores mid-way through the second week of Fringe on-post in our Garden of Unearthly Delights spot finding his new home between the BBQ & Salad Bar learning all about Aussie culture from our Outback traveller Steve.

It’s the 3rd Fringe Season for Steve making the trek down to Adelaide just to be part the fringe culture! Shining star guiding light Andreas The Kreas returns to us from Melbournes underworld for a summer fling at Fringe before heading straight from our traveling circus to his new digs in Byron Bay!

Billy from Athens fell in love with the True Blue way of life, local brews kept him in the spirit of the southern lands & it wasn’t just the city-side attractions that captured his heart, as always, it’s that Aussie Lamb - keeps ‘em all coming back for more. Aussie Lamb • Greek Style!

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