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Our core business started out in the early 2000's at weddings and birthday party's. 10 years ago we wanted to be part of large organised events like music and arts festivals. We decided not only to carry out contracts in Australia, we wanted to stretch ourselves and our business model worldwide.

In 2009 we did our first major festival in South Australia with 20,000 people. By 2013 we popped up Greek Palace in TomorrowLand Belgium with over 500,000 party goers over 3 days. It was the largest music festival in the world at the time, and confirmed our ability to execute large volume, fresh and great tasting food.

The four years between our very first major event until the largest event in the world we popped up Greek Palace in Sweden, Holland, Scotland and Greece. Our experiences during this time allowed us to take major steps developing our vision and business systems to a point where we fed nearly 10,000 people over 10 days at the TomorrowLand 10 year anniversary double weekend.

We had no idea this challenge would present itself but we love making the impossible happen and we have so many more challenges ahead.

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